OBH Nordica NV9240N0

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OBH Nordica NV9240N0

Hair dryer, 2000 watts, Care Thermo setting, ionic generator, six settings, 3 meter cord, foldable handle, Cares for your hair and stimulates new hair growth at the same time, Volume nozzle, blackCare for your hair in depth with our unique and unique Ultimate Experience Hair Dryer – stimulate your scalp and feel the difference! This hair dryer transforms an exclusive hair care routine reserved for salons into something anyone can do at home. The hairdryer is designed to dry your hair, build volume and stimulate new hair growth – all at the same time! With an advanced 2,000 watt BLDC motor that provides precise settings and controlled and powerful airflows, this hair dryer is extremely flexible and efficient. It also weighs only a little and is easy in the hand. The hairdryer has an ionic generator that counteracts static electricity and adds shine. The hairdryer has six settings, including a smart Care Thermo setting that protects against wear and heat and gives the hair extra protection. This makes it both effective and very flexible for the specific needs of different hair types. But it is the new and activating technology in the volume nozzle Active Scalp Revitalizer that really makes this hair dryer something very special. This technology elevates the combination of scalp massage and hair drying to completely new heights. The volume nozzle with massage fingers gives you an active and pleasant scalp massage while you dry your hair and build volume from root to tip.

OBH Nordica: Suszarki do włosów

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